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Chicago Gormet 2013 LogoIt Starts with the Perfect Recipe ...

For over 80 years we have blended our old world recipes of chiles and spices with fresh cuts of meat to create our fine premium Mexican Chorizo.


Chicago Gormet 2013 LogoState-of-the-Art Facility

Our sausage makers are extensively trained and experienced in manufacturing El Popular Chorizo using new state-of-the-art machinery.

Chicago Gormet 2013 LogoQuality Control is the Key ...

The El Popular Chorizo factory is a federally inspected U.S.D.A. meat facility. The Quality Control team applies the pinciples of HACCP to monitor every step of the manufacturing process to ensure quailty, integrity and safety.

Inspecting, Packing & Distribution

From here the chorizo links are vacuum-packed for freshness.

Then all products are carefully inspected prior to the final stages of packaging.

Skilled inventory management provides efficient nationwide distribution of El Popular Chorizo.

2011 Indiana Companies to Watch Winner. Certified Minority Business Enterprise