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El Popular Premium Mexican Chorizo & Products of Northwest Indiana
El Popular brings Premium Mexican Chorizo, Mole & Chocolate to your family's table. Click below to learn more about the three generations and traditions that goes in to all of our products.

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Get answers from frequently ask questions about our authentic chorizo, history, quality and more.

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El Popular Longaniza SausageEl Popular Mole
El Popular Mole is a signature Mole sauce traditionally used to deliver a distinct flavor to a wide variety of Mexican dishes; chicken, turkey, pork, enchiladas, chilaquilles and endless possibilities.

Vicente F. Garza's wife Ana shared her 150 year old family authentic Poblano style Mole recipe with her loved ones and the generations that were to follow. It has been her family's tradition to offer an all natural Mole sauce free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Ana's Mole contains all the rich flavors of pure chili peppers, chocolate, almonds, sesame, peanuts, corn oil, and a secret blend of spices. The El Popular Mole is available in a paste and powder form. It is very easy to use: just add four portions of water or broth for every portion of Mole paste or powder for preparation of an Authentic Mole sauce.

Mole Poblano is referred to as "Mexico's National Food Dish." Most people identify the origin of Mole sauce or gravy with either the state of Puebla or Oaxaca made famous in the colonial mountain city of Puebla, Mexico.

Legend states that the 16th century nuns from the convent of Santa Rosa in Puebla de Los Angeles prepared a creative sauce that was poured over turkey meat and served to impress a visiting Archbishop. Thus the nuns created Mexico's National Dish.